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Psalm 62 Album Cover

Client: Foggyraw | Republic Records
Role:  Illustrator
Year: 2023

Challenge: The client wanted a Biblical style “Last Supper” motif featuring  Greek angels and modern depictions of clothes and people. This was to merge with the aesthetic and palette of his viral “Psalm 62” visuals.  His Psalm 62 album sampled two iconic artists, Alicia Keys and Musiq Soulchild. The image needed to pay homage to Keys’ “You don’t know my Name” and Soulchild’s “TeachMe”. Although, Foggieraw has a dedicated fan base, this release was expanding his existing fan base into older Neosoul fanbases of both Keys and Soulchild.   

The Pslam 62 visuals set in a diner as a nod to Keys’s “You Don’t Know My Name.” I recreated the diner backdrop and added iconic visual cues of Keys in the kitchen wearing a cream hairnet and the fish special with the hot chocolate on the table.  The table was the perfect to way to implement the “Last Supper” motif.The people on the left represented characters from his visuals and people on the right were significant to his personal life. I posed them modern day disciples placing Foggieraw centered between them as if torn between his artistic discipline and his personal obligations.

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