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Nursing home workers tell their stories: 'You don’t understand the stress we’re going through'

Client: The Guardian
Deliverables:  Digital Illustration for Print and Web
Role: Illustrator
The client requested six illustrations capturing the dire conditions and emotional depth in nursing homes during COVID-19. They wanted depictions of overworked, diverse caregivers expressing and the personal grief and fear experienced. The images show the humanity in the overlooked struggle and dedication of these essential workers.

He survived California’s deadliest wildfire. But not his encounter with police

Client: The Guardian
Deliverables:  Gouache and Multimedia for Print and Web
Role: Artist / Illustrator
The client requested a poignant portrait of Stephen Vest, capturing his vulnerability and the aftermath of the Camp fire. The illustration should reflect his distress and homelessness, with a backdrop hinting at the broader context of wildfire destruction and societal neglect. The aim is to humanize Vest and evoke empathy for his tragic fate.

Trauma and Triumph

Client: The Guardian
Deliverables:  Digital Illustration for Print and Web
Role:  Illustrator
The client sought an illustration of an elderly man in a wheelchair, embodying the fusion of past and present in his expression. The scene, set in a nursing home, captures his intense gaze and a mix of lucidity and confusion, hinting at his dementia. The atmosphere is poignant, reflecting the article's theme of memory, time distortion, and the lingering impact of historical events.

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